Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My cub scout

Here's Patrick in his cub scout uniform at the Blue & Gold Banquet that was held this past weekend. They have that banquet once a year and get all the badges they've earned over the fall. They also have a cake contest; each cub scout and his parent make a cake according to a certain theme. This year's theme was "the great outdoors."

My little boy is growing up and getting so big!!!! Where does the time go? He'll be 8 next week!


Kathryn said...

The cake is really cute and from the look of his vest he has been very busy!

Drow said...

Wow, Patrick is getting big. I miss you guys and think of you often. I am hopeful we can get together this summer with the families! Our new house is very fitting for our day to day needs- especially our new bathroom.. Nathan has became a real basketbal star and says he wil be playing for the clev cavs. He is being coached now by PREP varsity coach so he is getting a HUGE start!