Thursday, December 1, 2011


I love antiques of all kinds, but especially furniture! Problem is.......antique furniture is very expensive! I'm very lucky though because I have 3 pieces of antique furniture that are family heirlooms! This is one of those pieces and I just had it restored-the poor thing was weighted down under who knows how many layers of paint and needed new upholstery badly.
This is my great-grandmother's rocking chair. We always called it a "platform rocker" but the man at the furniture restoration place called it a "carpet rocker." I remember sitting in it for hours on end when it was at my grandmother's house (it was in her kitchen). I had it all stripped and reupholstered and love how it came out! I took some detail pictures so you can see all the neat wooden details on it, which I never paid much attention to before because they were buried under paint!
I've done some research on the internet on carpet rockers but it's pretty impossible to say exactly when this was made. There are no markings or labels on it. It's funny when I sit in it now because it sits very close to the floor and is very narrow-people were much smaller 50 years ago! I'm so glad I have it and I think of my great-grandmother and grandmother when I sit and rock in it :)