Thursday, August 15, 2013

Winter mixed media piece

I saw a mitten template on Pinterest the other day and got inspired to make a winter mitten piece! The base is canvas and I cut paper into squares and decoupaged it onto the canvas. I cut a mitten using the template I printed out and decoupaged it on to the dried canvas. I added texture using acrylic paint and then put some fake fur on to the bottom of the mitten with gel medium. I think this is soooo cute :)

Mixed media wall piece

I came across this Valentine paper in my stash the other day (and, No, I don't hoard paper :) and got inspired to make something to hang on the wall at Valentine's day. The base is a canvas and I cut the paper into squares and decoupaged it onto the canvas. While that was drying I covered a chipboard heart in paper tissue with gel medium. After those were completely dry I added texture with stamps and acrylic paint, added embellishments, and then glued the heart to the canvas. I love how this turned out!

Altered bottles

I've been noticing altered bottles on the web a lot lately and was recently in an antique store and saw these two little bottles. I chose vintage looking paper which I glued onto the bottles with gel medium. Then I tied black ribbon around the neck with some embellishments tied through the ribbon so they would hang down the front. Finally I took a longer piece of black ribbon and tied it around the neck and made a pretty bow. I love how these came out and they were super easy to make! I think they would make cute Christmas gifts so now I have an excuse to go to antique stores :)

Art journal page

I made this page in my art journal at the beginning of summer after I had been in my garden and got inspired by the butterflies I saw :) For the background colors I used Faber-Castell gelatos. You rub on the color (it is very creamy, like lipstick) and then I wet a paintbrush with water and blended the color and let it dry before I put on the butterflies and did the pen work.

Friend mixed media piece

I made this piece for a friend of mine who just got a new job! I"m soooo proud of her! The base is a canvas which I decoupaged a floral napkin to. After that dried, I added texture with stamps, acrylic paint and used faber castell gelatos around the edge. Then I glued on a wooden bird that I had covered with tissue paper, a flower, and some beaded stickers.

Fall hanging

This is a printer's tray from 7 gypsies that I decorated for fall to hang in my front hallway.

bridal mixed media

Made this for a friend of mine who is getting married soon! She was the flower girl at my wedding 19 years ago! Makes me feel old! The dress is mounted on a paper mache form I got at Michael's. The beading on it is all beaded ribbon that I glued on.